Have You Never Looked Into Cars?

Jul 21, 2021


CNBC's " Trading Nation " is feeling patriotic this July 4 weekend. Check out these stocks that generate 100% of article their revenues look at here in the USA. Some of those names include CVS Health , Dollar General and Ross Stores . Dollar General looks best in breed to Boris Schlossberg, managing director of FX strategy at BK Asset Management. "The dollar store concept has not only survived the retail apocalypse but has thrived within it. The whole sector is projected to grow well into the future but Dollar General is projected to grow 20% on a year-on-year basis. They execute tremendously well," Schlossberg said on Friday. He adds that with rising inflation, Dollar General and other dollar stores may broaden its appeal with consumers. "Dollar General seems to be a very, very strong secular growth story. It's an expensive stock, but for a good reason. And if you have an 18- to 24-month timeframe, I think you're going to be served very well by it because I think there's nothing but just further growth in that sector in that particular name," said Schlossberg. Craig Johnson, chief market technician at Piper Sandler, is looking to the homebuilders for his pick. "I got to go with the American Dream – homeownership," Johnson said during the same segment. "Look at the chart of D.R. Horton ... Here's a stock that has done very well year to date. It's actually outperformed the S&P by about 2x." "Now it looks like the stock is starting to consolidate. We broke the shorter term uptrend support line in here off of the lows from last year, and now we're just consolidating sideways," he said. Johnson sees the potential for the stock to move back up to old highs at roughly $107, around 15% upside. The downside would be to fall back to recent lows around 5% lower. "We got roughly a three-to-one risk-reward here," he said.


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That phenomenon is arguably “bad for the world,” he told DealBook. Sitting next to a painting of the dog that is Dogecoin’s mascot, a gift he keeps by his desk, Mr. Bankman-Fried said: “This is the coin we deserve, for better or worse.” After noisily leaving Silicon Valley, tech workers are quietly returning. Twitter on Monday became one of the first big tech companies to welcome more than a skeleton crew back to the workplace.Credit...Cayce Clifford for The New York Times The pandemic was supposed to lead to a great tech diaspora. Freed of their offices and after-work klatches, the Bay Area’s tech workers were said to be roaming America, searching for a better life in cities like Miami and Austin, Texas — where the weather is warmer, the homes are cheaper and state income taxes don’t exist. But dire warnings over the past year that tech was done with the Bay Area because of a high cost of living, homelessness, crowding and crime are looking overheated, reports Kellen Browning of The New York Times . A growing number of industry workers already trickling back as a healthy local rate of coronavirus vaccinations makes fall return-to-office dates for many companies look likely. “I think people were pretty noisy about quitting the Bay Area,” said Eric Bahn, a co-founder of an early-stage Palo Alto, Calif., investment firm, Hustle Fund. “But they’ve been very quiet in admitting they want to move back.” Bumper-to-bumper traffic has returned to the region’s bridges and freeways. Tech commuter buses are reappearing on the roads. Rents are jumping, especially in San Francisco neighborhoods where tech employees often live. And on Monday, Twitter reopened its office, becoming one of the first big tech companies to welcome more than skeleton crews of employees back to the workplace. Twitter employees wearing backpacks and puffy jackets on a cold San Francisco summer morning greeted old friends and explored a space redesigned to accommodate social-distancing measures. Disney will relocate 2,000 employees to Florida from California. Disney’s new office hub in Lake Nona is about 20 miles east of Walt Disney World in Central Florida.Credit...Lake Nona Town Center The Walt Disney Company said on Thursday that it would move roughly 2,000 consumer products and theme park-related jobs out of California over the next 18 months. The beneficiary will be Florida, where Disney already employs 60,000 theme park and consumer products workers in the Orlando area. “In addition to Florida’s business-friendly climate, this new regional campus gives us the opportunity to consolidate our teams and be more collaborative and impactful both from a creative and operational standpoint,” Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, said in a memo to employees that was viewed by The New York Times. The 2,000 jobs represent less than 5 percent of Disney’s work force in California. Disney’s corporate headquarters will remain in Burbank, where the company operates from a complex that includes soundstages and the headquarters for ABC, the Disney-owned television network. Mr.